Prime Day GoPro Deals

Prime Day 2017 is right around the corner (starts 6pm EST July 10) and Amazon is gearing up for another record breaking day of sales. For those unaware, Prime Day is a day in July where Amazon offers thousands of exclusive deals for its Prime members.

Interestingly, both previous Prime Day sales have featured GoPro bundle deals. So what should fans of the action camera company expect to see this year in the way of deals?

GoPro Hero 4 Prime Day Deals

GoPro Hero 4 Prime Day
Current Price: $312
Prime Day Prediction: $239

Last Prime Day we saw a 28% price drop for the Hero 4 bundle on Amazon. That was before the Hero 5 Black came out too, so the Hero 4 was still the top model in the GoPro range. This year we’re not too confident we’ll see another Prime Day deal on the Hero 4, as Amazon and GoPro will want to focus attention on the new line of cameras as well as the Karma drone. If we were to see another Prime Day deal on the Hero 4 though, we might expect to see the Hero 4 Black on sale for $239 (roughly equivalent to a 28% price drop).

GoPro Hero 5 Prime Day Deals

GoPro Hero 5 Black Prime Day
Current Price: $399
Prime Day Prediction: $399 with 64GB SD card and rechargeable battery

The Hero 5 Black is currently the best GoPro camera. A Prime Day deal on the Hero 5 would make sense for two reasons:

  • In previous years Prime Day sales have focused on the latest model – and they can be sure a headline deal on the Hero 5 Black will drive sales
  • The Hero 6 is rumoured to be releasing later this year, so now is a great time for Amazon to shift stock of a model that might soon be relegated

We expect to see a bundle deal on the Hero 5 this Prime Day. The current price on Amazon for a Hero 5 Black with a 64GB memory card and rechargeable battery is $449 – we wouldn’t be surprised to see this bundle available for $399, the same amount that the camera on its own normally costs.

GoPro Hero Session Prime Day Deals

GoPro Hero Session Prime Day
Current Price (Hero 5 Session): $299
Prime Day Prediction: $299 for Hero 5 Session with 32GB SD card, Headstrap Mount, Quick Clip & Carrying Case

One of the most popular Prime Day 2016 GoPro deals was a Hero Session bundle. It included the Hero 4 Session camera (now known as just the Hero Session), 32GB memory card, carrying case and remote for $199. At the time the Hero 4 Session was available for $199, so the Prime Day deal made the bundle available at the same price as the camera normally cost on its own.

At the time of writing the Hero 5 Session is available for $299. We noticed that the popular Hero 5 Session Deluxe Bundle is currently out of stock on Amazon but due to be back in stock on July 11, also known as Prime Day 2017! Putting two and two together, we’re predicting a Prime Day Deluxe bundle deal on the Hero 5 Session for $299, the same amount that the Hero 5 Session alone normally costs.

GoPro Karma Drone Prime Day Deals

GoPro Karma Prime Day
Current Price: $1,099 (with Hero 5 Black)
Prime Day Prediction: $999 (with Hero 5 Black)

The Karma drone got off to a shaky start with a universal product recall weeks after launching due to battery issues. Now its back and sales of the Karma drone have been slow, particularly since DJI released a rival drone in the Mavic Pro. A Prime Day deal on the Karma could be exactly what the company needs to drive sales of their all-in-one drone. We predict that the Karma Hero 5 bundle will drop in price from $1,099 to $999 on Prime Day.

What do you think of our GoPro Prime Day 2017 predictions? Be sure to let us know in the comments. We’ll be updating this page throughout July as Prime Day deals on the GoPro are confirmed.

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